Terms & Policies


Marble, granite, and quartzite slabs are products of nature and natural fractures are common as opposed to defects in your stone. Elite Custom Granite Corp. makes no guarantees or warranties against grazing, scratching, or wear on the stone surface or otherwise, and all products are sold subject to variation in color, flow, grain, tonality, spotting, veining, shade, and texture. Elite Custom Granite Corp. will make all efforts to strengthen any fractures with liquid epoxy and avoid them whenever possible.

Elite Custom Granite Corp. will not be held responsible for natural fractures existing in stone. Marble and granite are products of nature, so no two pieces are exactly alike. Elite Custom Granite Corp. is not liable for stone fractures or color variations from one slab to another. Customers must inspect material prior to fabrication and prepare any blending required to meed customer standards. Customer must choose and hold material of their choice. Absolutely no claims will be accepted for any reason after material and fabrication is approved by the customer. Elite Custom Granite Corp. reserves the right to refused to fabricate using certain materials.


Any refunds with material in our stock before fabrication will incur a 7% processing fee. Any refunds with ordered material before fabrication will incur a 15% processing fee. No refund will be given for cancellations after fabrication.